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Hey Y'all!  I’m Amanda. I grew up in a small and charming town in South Louisiana and spent much of my twenties working in the catering and hospitality industry in New Orleans.  It wasn’t until I moved away to Chicago that I fully realized what an amazing regional cuisine we have in Louisiana.  However, I wanted to create the same food in a healthier manner. A manner that still honors the tradition of the region but that packs more nutrition, is suitable for those with celiac disease, those who want to lose weight, or those who simply seek better health.  


The catalyst for this was my own ongoing digestive issues that I struggled with for years. In “cleaning” up my diet I found so much relief and have helped many family members and friends to do the same.

Learn more about my story and mission here.

It’s important to me not to feel deprived and to enjoy food that makes me say “mmm--mmm” and “ohhhh!".  Perhaps you are here because you've embraced clean eating and you are seeking variety and fresh ideas. You're in the right place! 


Or perhaps you have a healthy dose of skepticism - just like I did when I began to hear terms like "gluten free" and "Non-GMO".  You may think that “clean” or “nutritious” isn’t synonymous with good Southern food.  If that's the case.... I dare you to try some of my recipes and see for yourself!


Here’s to your own delicious journey to health.


Bon Appetit Y’all!


Disclosure: I am not a medical professional or nutritionist. No information or advice contained anywhere on this webpage is intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.  Always consult with a doctor prior to beginning a new diet or regimen. 

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