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Hey Y'all!  Below are a list of products that I use myself, and trust. These products support a clean-eating lifestyle. Rest assured, I will never recommend a product I haven't personally tried. 


** Please check back soon.  We are constantly adding to this resources page and in addition to recommended products, we will soon be adding more guidance, helpful tips for clean eating, and more! **

!!!! CONSTRUCTION NOTICE:  We are currently updating this section of the website with more resources and guides for you.  Please check back soon. !!!! 


In my kitchen, condiments get used a lot... to create sauces, to add a little zip to a recipe, or to pull a salad together. Many condiments contain added processed sugar or are made with ingredients that are genetically modified. It's just easier on our bodies if we can avoid these items. So here are a few of my stand-bys.


A chef that I worked with in New Orleans once said to me "the fat is where it's at!" I have to agree with him that fat does really impart a lot of flavor to our foods, and the right kinds of fats can really play a positive role in our health. Whenever possible, I like to use oils and fats that are sustainably harvested, grass-fed (in the case of ghee), and organic. Here are a few of my favorites!


Truly, I can't imagine a life without salt and seasonings! I prefer to use organic and sustainably harvested spices and seasonings whenever posible. The pricetag can be a bit higher, but I find them to have a more concentrated taste. This means you don't have to use as much to achieve the same result... so it's a win-win. I hope you'll enjoy some of these go-to's as much as I do.


These items are things I reach for on a near-daily basis.  They can be used in a multitude of applications - from baking to smoothies to sauces - and everything in between. 


Here are a few products I love to keep on hand for impromptu baking projects. Many of them are utilized in recipes from my cookbook as well as my blog.


While some can tolerate traditional cow's milk, it has become an allergen and food irritant for many others.  Even if you aren't allergic to milk or milk products, you may be sensitive to them.  That is certainly the case for me and I feel much better when I don't consume them.  Lucky for us, there are so many delicious alternatives available today!


If you have my cookbook, you know that I think it's a must to have a high powered blender in your kitchen when you follow a clean-eating lifestyle.  You'll find my favorite one below along with a few other things that are my kitchen must-haves.

Please Note: Some links contained on this page may be affiliate links. Clean Southern Cuisine participates in the Amazon Associates Program. This means that when you purchase a product by clicking an Amazon link, your cost will remain the same, but we may receive a small commission. These small commissions help to offset the costs of ingredients and business expenses. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us to further our mission: To help as many as possible to improve their health through flavorful and authentic Southern Cuisine that is gluten-free and made with clean ingredients.

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