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My Story and Mission

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

My mission is a simple one...

I want to help millions of people to improve their health through Southern recipes that are healthier and free of gluten.

Why did I create Clean Southern Cuisine?

  • My own ongoing digestive issues that I was sick and tired of dealing with.

  • The chronic pain and tendonitis in my wrists that no doctor or treatment could fully explain to me, or remedy.

  • The abundance of obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease in the South.

  • Learning for myself about the decline of our food supply in America and its negative effects on our health.

  • My love for food, gathering together with friends and family around a table.

  • Fully realizing the uniqueness of the Cajun and Creole cuisines that I was so lucky to grow up with.

Why Eat Clean?

Simply put… because you will feel better and most likely look better! Many of the foods we eat today cause inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation leads to disease and chronic conditions. It also impacts the way we look and feel (physically and mentally). Most people see marked improvements when they make a shift towards eating clean.

Where to Start?

While you’ll find an array of recipes on this website that target different diets or lifestyles (Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, etc) you’ll note that every recipe on this website is gluten free. Gluten causes systemic inflammation throughout our bodies. While some tolerate it much better than others most see drastic improvements by eliminating it.

Eliminating gluten and processed foods is a great place to start! Eating organic produce whenever possible and filling your plate with real food is tastier than you might think. Especially when your palate adjusts to not having so many additives and processed foods… a whole new world of flavor will open up for you.

How Did this Help Me?

Eliminating gluten from my diet and focusing on real food and clean ingredients did wonders for me. My ongoing digestive issues (IBS) finally went away. Also, after a few weeks of eating this way the chronic tendonitis in my wrists was gone, too! What a relief!


I found myself missing some of the Louisiana favorites I grew up with like gumbo, biscuits, etc. The gluten free or paleo versions that I tried fell short, or were just lacking something. So I set out to create Clean Southern Cuisine that tastes just as good as what I grew up with.

My Story/More About Me:

If you’re still reading here’s a little bit more about me…

  • New Iberia, Louisiana is where I grew up. It’s a small town (about 30,000 people) located in the heart of “Cajun Country”.

  • New Orleans is my soul city. I lived there both before and after Hurricane Katrina, and the city taught me so much about food and life. I still maintain New Orleans is the only place where time can stand still and parades happen on the regular.

  • Currently I live in Denver. I LOVE to hike, mountain bike, and be connected to the majestic nature here. However, I do go through withdrawals if I don’t get back home to Louisiana regularly. 😂

  • Growing up I was bullied and picked on for being tall (I'm 5'11''), lanky, redheaded, freckled, shy, you name it… my two wonderful sisters taught me from an early age to appreciate the things that made me unique... and that's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

  • Even now, in my 30’s, I talk to my sweet Mom every day. She’s one of the most marvelous humans and best cooks I’ve ever known. Without Louann's culinary influence, Clean Southern Cuisine, would not exist.

  • I am the youngest of three girls. My Dad really wanted a boy.... so some of my best memories are working with him. Specifically late nights spent working on cars and learning about mechanics.

  • My husband, Robert, and I love to expand our horizons through travel. We've been to 15 countries in the last 5 years together. It sounds cliché, but he makes me laugh - so hard - every single day. That's precious to me.

  • In my experience growing up without a lot of money gives you perspective, humility, and an appreciation for the small things that too often go unnoticed. I didn't always have everything I wanted, but at my house we had the "riches of food" to enjoy together.

  • I've been taking pictures of my food for a long time...since before it was popular to do so. Like, when film needed to be developed.🎞. For me, a photo of a meal is one of the best ways to freeze in time that moment, trip, or experience.

  • Above all, I believe that food connects us. Especially is this screen-centric world, gathering together around a table to share in a meal is one of the things I treasure the most. There's simply no substitute for that.

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