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Smoked Salmon Salad with Gaucamayo

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

A no-cook meal is always a breeze. This is one of our household favorites when we are running low on time. You can pick up a smoked salmon filet at most grocery stores, mix it together with ingredients on hand, and you have yourself a meal!

Gaucamayo is an avocado/mayo combo that makes this recipe pop. You are getting an amazing dose of good fats and it will take you under 5 minutes.

We like to serve this on a bed of greens, aside fermented and/or fresh veggies, or you can put it in a biscuit for a meal on the go.

If you don’t have a smoked salmon fillet on hand you can always use a canned (wild-caught) salmon or baked salmon, but you may need to add more seasonings as these tend to have a more mild flavor profile.

If you don't have my Basic Blender Mayo on hand (far superior to any store-bought mayo), either of these mayos (made with sunflower oil or avocado oil), are much better alternatives to traditional mayo made with canola oil.

Yield: 2 ½ c or about 3 servings


1 lb smoked salmon fillet, skin removed

2T basic blender mayo

1 avocado

2 T green onions

1 t dill

½ t sea salt

½ t white pepper


  • Flake Salmon into a small mixing bowl.

  • Scoop out flesh of avocado and add to mixing bowl along with mayo.

  • Mash avocado and mayo together with a fork.

  • Add all other ingredients and stir to combine.

  • Enjoy!

Notes: You can sub canned (wild caught) salmon for the smoked salmon or use baked salmon fillets.

About this Recipe:

paleo dairy free ketogenic coconut free nut free

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